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Grunt’s Grind, Specialty Blends K-Cups


Grunt’s Grind Coffee

  1. Full Medal Jacket
  2. Black Ops 
  3. Gunny’s Grind
  4. Goat Locker Grind 
  5. At Ease 
  6. Night Vision Goggles 
  7. Afterburner 
  8. Conscientious Objector 


Special Pricing for Weekly, Bi-weekly, and Monthly subscriptions

Choose any of the following:

  1. Full Medal Jacket is our darkest roast and is full bodied and was created with a unique combination of African, Central, and South American beans.
  2. Black Ops is a dark roast 100% Colombian beans.
  3. Gunny’s Grind is a medium roast from the high mountain regions of El Salvador, Hoonduras, and India. It is excellant as both espresso and drip coffee.
  4. Goat Locker Grind is a medium roast that has a smooth, bold blend of Central and South American beans. 
  5. “O Dark 30” is a medium roast that features coffees from India, Central and South American beans. This blend has a very smooth taste.
  6. At Ease is a medium roast that features a Sumatran Mandheling base and is our most uniquely Northwest coffee, witha sweet spicy finish.
  7. Night Vision Goggles is a dark roast from coffee beans from India, Central and Soth America. This blend has the most caffeine we offer.
  8. Afterburner is a medium roast that features Guatemala and Antiigua beans and is full-bodied and has a lively, smokey taste.
  9. Conscientious Objector is our Decaffeinated blend. 

Choose your quantity

  1. 12 count
  2. 36 count
  3. 48 count
  4. 96 Count

Additional information

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Full Metal Jacket, Black Ops, Gunny's Grind, Goat Locker, "O Dark 30", At Ease, Night Vision Goggles, Afterburner, Conscientious Objector

Number of K-Cups

12 Count, 36 Count, 48 Count, 96 Count


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