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Grunt’s Grind, Single Origin


Grunt’s Grind Sumatran: Our Sumatran coffee is made from 100% Sumatran coffee beans found in Northern Sumatra. It has an earthy yet uniquely sweet flavor. Its low acidity will make it stand out from our other coffee flavors.



Special Pricing for Weekly, Bi-weekly, and Monthly subscriptions

FYI: We pass the exact shipping cost to you, and all coffee is shipped by USPS. The shipping cost for a single 1 lb bag is the same as the shipping cost for two 1 lb bags. Therefore, we have included an option for you to choose “(2x) 1 lb. bags” in your product choices. 

Choose One of these:

  1. 100% Single Origin Colombian Coffee Beans
  2. 100% Single Origin Ethiopian Coffee Beans
  3. 100% Single Origin Sumatran Coffee Beans

Choose your quantity

  1. 12 oz. bag
  2. 1 lb. bag
  3. 5 lb. bag
  4. 2 x 1 lb. bags

Additional information

Weight N/A
Coffee Blends Choice

Colombian, Ethiopian, Sumatran

Size bag

12 oz bag, 1 lb bag, 5 lb bag, 2 x 1 lb bags

Coffee Bean Selection

Whole Bean, Drip Grind, Totty Grind (Espresso)


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