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Grunt’s Grind, Single Origin K-Cups (Enlistment Program)


Grunt’s Grind Sumatran: Our Sumatran coffee is made from 100% Sumatran coffee beans found in Northern Sumatra. It has an earthy yet uniquely sweet flavor. Its low acidity will make it stand out from our other coffee flavors. K-Cups (12-count box)



Special Pricing for Weekly, Bi-weekly, and Monthly subscriptions

Choose One of these:

  1. 100% Single Origin Colombian Coffee Beans
  2. 100% Single Origin Ethiopian Coffee Beans
  3. 100% Single Origin Sumatran Coffee Beans

Choose your quantity

  1. 12 count
  2. 36 count
  3. 48 count
  4. 96 count

Additional information

Weight N/A
Coffee Blends Choice

Colombian, Ethiopian, Sumatran

Number of K-Cups

12 Count, 36 Count, 48 Count, 96 Count


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