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Grunt’s Grind Coffee, Specialty Blends




Special Pricing for Weekly, Bi-weekly, and Monthly subscriptions

FYI: We pass the exact shipping cost to you, and all coffee is shipped by USPS. The shipping cost for a single 1 lb bag is the same as the shipping cost for two 1 lb bags. Therefore, we have included an option for you to choose “(2x) 1 lb bags” in your product choices. 

Choose One of these:

  1. Full Medal Jacket is our darkest roast and is full bodied and was created with a unique combination of African, Central, and South American beans.
  2. Black Ops is a dark roast 100% Colombian beans.
  3. Gunny’s Grind is a medium roast from the high mountain regions of El Salvador, Hoonduras, and India. It is excellant as both espresso and drip coffee.
  4. Goat Locker Grind is a medium roast that has a smooth, bold blend of Central and South American beans. 
  5. “O Dark 30” isa medium roast that features coffees from India, Central and South American beans. This blend has a very smooth taste.
  6. At Ease is a medium roast that features a Sumatran Mandheling base and is our most uniquely Northwest coffee, witha sweet spicy finish.
  7. Night Vision Goggles is a dark roast from coffee beans from India, Central and Soth America. This blend has the most caffeine we offer.
  8. Afterburner is a medium roast that features Guatemala and Antiigua beans and is full-bodied and has a lively, smokey taste.
  9. Conscientious Objector is our Decaffeinated blend. 

Choose your size bag

  1. 12 oz bag
  2. 1 lb bag
  3. 5 lb bag
  4. 4. 2 x 1lb bags

Additional information

Weight N/A
Coffee Blends Choice

Full Metal Jacket, Black Ops, Gunny's Grind, Goat Locker Grind, At Ease, Afterburner, "O Dark 30, Night Vision Goggles, Conscientious Objector

Size Bag

12 oz bag, 1 lb bag, 5 lb bag, 2 x 1 lb

Coffee Bean Selection

Whole Bean, Drip Grind, Totty Grind (Espresso)


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