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Grunts Grind Coffee

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Coffee and Military we go way back

100% Colombian

100% Ethiopian

100% Sumatran

Full Metal Jacket

Our darkest roast. It’s full-bodied and was created with a unique combination of African, Central, and South American beans that leaves a pleasing smell and taste to the palate…

Just like hot, smoking, freshly spent casings! 

Gunnys Grind

This medium roast hails from the high mountain regions of El Salvador, Honduras, and India and is excellent as both espresso and drip coffee. Dangerously addictive!

For the SOB in all of us. 

Black Ops

100% Columbian dark roast. Instantly improves situational awareness.

Beards and shades not included

Goat Locker Grind

This medium roast is a smooth and bold blend of both South and Central American beans.

Master Chief recommended. Blended for the Mid-Watch.


This medium roast features both Guatemalan and Antiguan beans, is full-bodied, and has a lively, smoky taste.

Like jet fuel…only better!

"O Dark 30"

This lighter dark roast features coffee beans from India and both Central and South America. Formation ready.

Sound off like you got a pair!

At Ease

This medium roast blend features a Sumatra Mandheling base and is our most unique “Northwest” coffee. A sweet and spicy finish.

Remember not to lock your knees

Night Vision Goggles

This dark roast features beans from India and both Central and South America. This blend contains the most caffeine of any we offer.

When you absolutely have to E&E. 

24-hour Ops approved.

Conscientious Objector

          A smooth Colombian                                  and Sumatran blend.                        Decaffeinated

No bang bang