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VUO Gear Store LLC

About Us


We established VUO Gear Store to help offset the costs of operating (VUO) and to establish a commercial supply company for veterans and patriots that is impervious to Cancel Culture. We have built it from the ground up through web design and integration, transactional mechanisms and suppliers to be bulletproof against Marxist-like corporate/consumer vandalism. It costs us a bit more to do this for loyal patriots, but we’re dedicated to helping support the mission of VUO, and we’re dedicated to like-minded brothers and sisters whether veteran or patriot.

Do we have the cheapest prices on the web? No. Competing with China-direct is extremely challenging, and the deck is stacked against us politically, globally, and corporately…but we’re not the most expensive either. We’re here for the long term, and we’re here to be a reliable retail alternative to the cultural hell imposed upon American patriots of good will through cancel culture. We’re dedicated to vets and patriots and we are driven to ensure you always have access to necessary outdoor sporting and hunting goods, survival items, optics, blades, gun parts, shooting supplies…and COFFEE!

A percentage of what is earned in the VUO Gear Store goes directly to supporting (VUO).